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Matthew Anthony Rodger's Legacy  
         I looked up the meaning of the word, legacy. I wasn't sure of the proper meaning. It said : money or property left to someone, anything handed down from, or as from an ancestor. 
        This has had me stumped as our Matthew didn't own anything to hand down, didn't have a will, and most importantly didn't know he was going to die. He went to sleep and never woke up.

        As hard as this is to think about,  six months after his sudden death, I wanted to write how much Matt has left  behind for all of us who loved him. 

        What he left for all of us "was not tangible things." Not money or wealth, or cars or land, or investments or jewels. What he left behind was his love for all of us, his special place in each one of our hearts that only  he could fill. 

       For his Dad, he left many memories of the two of them just sitting next to one another.  Matt's arm around his  Dad's shoulders. He left the memory of his beautiful bright smile and piercing dark eyes. His sweetness and his love he showed to his Dad every day. They were buddies in the garage working on cars, on the golf course slicing the balls all over the place and having a grand time together. Putting up the outside Christmas lights every year, plowing the snow filled driveway in sub zero weather all bundled up together, watching the football games together and cursing the guys when they did a dumb play, just watching a movie together and laughing so hard that they would make me laugh just listening to them laugh. Just sitting at the dinner table together and all of us cleaning up  after we were done. So many many little every day things he left imprinted into his Dads heart and mind. Matthew was his Dad's sidekick, chip off the old block. They were so much alike, they even stood the same way and walked the same way, held their head the same way...........So many moments of happy times spent together. Ones to treasure in his Dad's heart forever.

       Matthew left so many memories for me........his Mom. When he was in a really loving sweet mood, he would call me "MaMa"........I can hear his voice saying "MaMa" to me right now. Oh how I miss him and all of who he was. He was my baby, my dear precious third born child. He completed our family somehow. He left me with a love for him that will never die or go away. Every moment of every day he is in my mind and thoughts and heart. I see him in every square inch of this house, everywhere I go, and everything I do. . I will love him completely from this side of Heaven for the rest of my days here, until I am in Heaven with him. I was left with a hole in my heart that will never be filled until we are together again. When that day comes, when God calls me home, I pray Matthew is there to greet me with his beautiful smile. I pray he is as handsome and sweet and caring as he was all the years he was with us. Mostly I pray he is not lonely for us until that day comes. There are no tears in Heaven. We are promised  that in God's word, so he must not be lonely without us there with him.
             Matthew also left behind so many memories for his brother, Todd and his sister, Kerri. The three of them were best friends, always there for one another every day of their lives. They called one another every day whether it be from college, or work or home. They knew they could depend on one another through thick and thin. No matter what was happening in their lives they knew they could reach out and the other one would be there for them. Matt loved his brother and sister with all of his being and looked up to  both of them. When they got married .......Kerri and Shawn, and then Todd and Jenn..........Matthew loved his brother-in-law and sister-in-law as if they were always a part of the family. They too were always there for each other, helping one another out in all things. What a blessing to have such a beautiful family.
       Then along came Matthew's pride and joy of his life!!! His four nephews!!!! Alex, Brayden, Ryan and Garrett. He loved those boys with all of himself..complete and total love for each one of them. I only pray that they will remember him and all the love he had for them. He loved being "Uncle Matt".............more than anything. He was the one who always bought  them the "perfect  gift" for every birthday, or Christmas, or any special occassion. He had a way of knowing just exactly what would make their day!!!    

       Our Matthew left footprints in all of the hearts of all of those who knew him. All of his friends he hung out with all of his life. I know how much they all miss him and will never forget him and all the good times they shared. All of his aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, and all of the memories each one of them will treasure forever in their hearts.

       Matthew left us the best legacy possible.........a legacy of love. We will remember him with joy in our hearts and a smile on our faces, as he was and always will be the very best gift God ever sent to us all. We "will" see him again one day.

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