Matthew Rodgers
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Born in Pennsylvania on July 15, 1982.
Passed away on June 18, 2005 at the age of 22.
Matthew at the Beach
This was Matthew's favorite place to be. Happy in the sun and the sand!!! With his family and friends!
Our Matthew's "Time In Our Family"
                       Missing You Matthew

       I just wanted to write to you Matt, and tell you again, how much my heart aches for you. I look at your pictures on this site over and over and watch the stages of your life roll by.

       The years went by too quickly honey. You were born, and how we all enjoyed you! Five years between you and Todd and seven years between you and Kerri. You were truly what your name means honey.......sent by God, a gift of God. It was so wonderful to have a new sweet little baby again to love and to hold. The very first night you came home with us from the hospital you slept all night long! This was a little scary, but you were ok, and what a blessing to get a good nights sleep so soon!

       It wasn't long and you were playing and rough housing with Todd, and having your little battles now and then! Kerri and you were had two mothers!

       As the years went by you started school and sports and did well at all you that you chose to do. Never missing a day of school and happy to go each morning.

       We all had such fun times going on vacations in the summers, camping with the Medovitch's, and Aunt Linda and Uncle Greg, and all  the kids. What a group we were, going to a restaurant with 11 kids and 6 adults!!! They always sat us as far back in the restaurant as possible!

       I remember the time Tommy was a baby and he had a big load in his diaper which leaked out all over the bench of the booth we were sitting in! June screamed, "Fum.............come help!" She left and made Terry clean it all up! We were all hysterical laughing and running out of the place!

       I remember all the Halloweens at the Medo's and all the goodies we shared there each year after the night was done. All the first days of school each fall and walking you to the bus stop. Then going to Junes and just sitting with her and enjoying coffee together for hours on end.

       I remember all the Christmas's and Thanksgivings, and Easters, and Mother's Days and Father's Days, and Birthdays, and Kennywood Days, and Graduation Days, Prom Nights, and Snow Balls, and .......oh Matt, so many happy times we had together as a family.

       Now everything has changed. The one time we went away for four days, we had to get that awful phone call on the third day in Virginia.It was in the afternoon that Saturday, June the 18th, 2005. It was the beginning of a nightmare that we have to live with now. They said you were dead.

       Oh God........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!...... This isn't true, this isn't real, it cannot be true!!! But it was. It took five weeks for the coroner to give us a cause of death. He said it was a virus that attacked your heart. Something called viral myocarditis. I hate those words.

       You were only 22 years old. Just starting your life and in an instant, in the three days we were gone, we had to come back home to you not being there. We are still trying to process all of this Matt, and trying to learn to live without you, our baby son. Our family is still so broken and so lost with you gone from us. We are not whole anymore Matt. But we have to go on. For the boys you loved so much and for Todd and Jenn and Kerri and Shawn and the new baby boy that will soon be born.

       Some days it is unbearable Matt, and we wonder...will it ever be ok again, to live a happy life...somehow.? The pain is beyond words or description. No one should ever have have to feel this loss, the loss of their child who they love so much.

       Somehow, someway, someday, we will, by the grace of God, learn to live again and remember you with a smile instead of gut wrenching pain. We will remember all the special moments shared. I can just hear you now, Matt..........whispering to me (when I was feeling sad or upset or angry)........."Oh Mom.......RELAX".......You said that to me many many times honey, and always made me laugh!

       You had such a sweet way with all of us Matt. You never complained, with all of the troubles you had the past couple of years before you left us. I remember you saying to me, "All I need is you, and Dad, and Ker and Todd and the boys!!!........Well, honey, you will have us forever and ever. We think of you every minute of every day and we will all love you until we are all together again........where you are..........with God the Father, and Jesus, and in perfect peace and perfect health and happiness.

       Thank you for visiting Daddy in his dream and showing him you are well, fishing on a dock, and telling him with a big happy smile......................."EVERYTHING'S COOL, DAD"....................

       And Matt, about the ring I found in your junk drawer, shortly after you left us...............the silver banded one with the words....."FAITH = TRUST"........ written in bold black  lettters.............nobody knows where it came from, I asked all around. I know it came from you, as a sign for me that if I have....... "FAITH AND TRUST"...........I will go on.

       Goodnight, sweetheart, until we meet again.
                            Forever My Love,
        NO ONE CAN HEAL,
        NO ONE CAN STEAL.     
Little Boy With Butterflys
This looks like our Matt.......with a puppy and a butterfly!
      We know our Matthew is now in the arms of our Lord, happy and healthy and whole. "Everything's cool",  as he himself has said to his Dad, in a dream! 
Christmas of 2005
This was sent to us from who?.... We do not know. Whoever did send this ornament to us did it with love for Timmy and I. Love for Kerri & Shawn & Todd & Jenn. I want to thank whoever sent this most meaningful gift from Heaven, from our Matthew. We will treasure it forever, as we do our son. Our first Christmas without him is so very very hard. It will never be the same, nothing will ever be the same.
Christmas of 2005
The back of the ornament, signed and sent from Matthew. Breaks my heart, but comforts me also. He is in the most high place with Jesus and all of His children. 
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